Cold to hot tumors

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Cold to hot tumors

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Having a very dear friend with stomach cancer, I have researched therapies outside the typical therapeutic toolbox for the better part of a year. Because cancer cells show a lot of atavistic characteristics, the theory that anti-parasitics (think, artesunate for malaria, mebendazole for pinworms, or ivermectin for worms) and anti-fungals work in synergy with current therapies makes sense, since parasites also possess atavistic characteristics. I know Johns Hopkins is currently running clinical trials using large amounts of mebendazole for glioma. That being said, the company's Feb 8 PR mentioned, StemVacs may be able to turn "cold" tumors into "hot" tumors...have you considered the possibility of using antiparasitics to synergize with StemVacs in this manner?

Here is an interesting study about the use of ivermectin in turning breast cancer "cold" tumors into "hot" tumors from a couple weeks ago.


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Re: Cold to hot tumors

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Thank you Beck i'll read the paper as we have a deep interest in doing just that.
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