Here's an idea...

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Re: Here's an idea...

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Thank you strawpatch - we are a long term program - but not too long - we've taken a big bite out of the research years already before most recent people ever came along and its really awesome to see fruit from our labors. Those years were hard and slim and hungry and little light at the end of the tunnel - a couple of guys with a microscope is what we are - its what we see in that microscope we're sharing with you all - its a universe of its own - as we say, whats above is below.

As i said in my previous post i haven't been able to be around as much as i would like too - we are deep in some stuff right now and our heads hurt but we have nothing but goodness coming - and we know it takes great patience on your behalf so we appreciate everyone who continues to hang with us - you don't see the boss selling do you? No - you see him acquiring.

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Massive Upside Potential for TSOI

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Massive upside potential in TSOI - R&D science data are critical to a TSOI's prospects. CEO has communicated carefully to enable all audiences, including less specialist investors and media, to quickly and accurately interpret results and their implications. I'm happy to notice marked improvement in the relevant biomarkers in the so far published trial data (in preclinicals and Pilot) where TSOI put side-by-side comparison figures to highlight advantages of QM, NS, JADICELL and STEMVACS to show the increase in NK cell activity, reduction in tissue factor (TNF), suppression of IL-6 and so on. There is HUGE upside potential once TSOI achieves success in planned multiple Phase II clinical trials and start implementing their products in the market.
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