The purpose of this forum

This forum is to discuss general things concerning TSOI.
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The purpose of this forum

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This was the first post ever made here. These rules still apply even though I have been a bit lax, but no more. If you bash me, the company, or anyone associated with the company I will delete your account and ban you. If people want to talk smack out in SM thats fine - don't you dare bring it here. Whether you believe it or not I don't have time to monitor social media and I don't care to either but based on recent events here I spent about 2 hours last night looking at a bunch of bullshit. There are people who come from nowhere and think they know anything about this company or the people who are a part of it. When you insult me you insult them and I don't take kindly to that crap at all. You go out there under a different name and bash me and then come here and play footise with me. I didn't want to have to worry about who is who here and out there but maybe I do.

Now I can be like every other CEO out there and simply issue press when i need to and file my required compliance with SEC. Makes no sense to invest time here if all it does is allow for another platform to bash us on.

This place is supposed to be a safe harbor from all of that. Up until now I have answered every question put to me, no more. I will answer questions about science, patents, clinical work, etc. but I will not allow any of you to engage me in the actual business of TSOI. That information is contained in the 10Q/K's. If thats not good enough then I guess you can listen to the experts on SM.

I see little twerps making all kinds of false statements out there - thats fine, but don't bring that here and ask me to explain. Libel me, libel this company, libel her employees, and I am coming for you. May not be tomorrow but I am coming for you.

Welcome to the TSOI Forum
Post by TimGDixon » Fri Jun 26, 2020 4:46 am

We want to welcome all new users to our new forum. Thank you for registering. We want to start a new trend in public companies that instead of the discussion concerning TSOI taking place in places like iHub we want to have those discussions with you here. We are tired of the incessant bashing of everything we do by a group of people(s) who only wish to destroy and tear down all we do. It is unacceptable to us that our shareholders should have to tolerate that kind of organized hatred.

So here at this Forum you will be able to engage our scientists, medical, management teams in a meaningful and positive way. The only real rule is don't ask for inside information of any type. That we will control with a heavy hand. So please don't ask when next PR will be out, or when the Q or K will come out or what are our revenues as of this minute - none of that kind of stuff will get a reply and may get you banned or at least suspended for a period.

So we welcome genuine enquiry about our technologies and, clinical programs, etc. Of course this is an experiment like so much of our life is but we have great faith in people and we think properly used, this forum and the transparency it can provide is worth trying.

So welcome one and all to the new TSOI forum.

Timothy G. Dixon, President, and CEO
Therapeutic Solutions International, Inc.