How is our Navy SEAL doing ?

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Re: How is our Navy SEAL doing ?

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Hey Craigdunn63 you are exactly who we are doing this for and we have many interesting immunotherapies, cellular therapies, stemcell therapies, and other interventions to address the very issues you have - hang in there we have a little ways to go but were working on it every day.
craigdunn63 wrote: Mon Oct 11, 2021 5:56 pm That is excellent info and great news! Anybody who is an organ donor will agree to that ya know and there’s a lot of us so inventory will be plentiful.
So yeah theoretically speaking this can scale fairly easily from what I’m gathering? My example was a lil far fetched lol of 200k people but I was just trying to get a thearetical response.
I can’t wait to hear about the vet undergoing treatment because I have a traumatic brain injury too and will see if I can get qualified for the same treatment. So apart from having 60k/968k shares invested here that’s my main motive for being a lil over board lol
I need this for me so I can work again if I do chose and my family to deal with me. Lot of anger issues with a brain injury . So strange to me.
Thanks Tim for taking time and talking to us all.
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Re: How is our Navy SEAL doing ?

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I agree and I know getting through the trials is your current objective, I didn’t mean to make myself seem like I’m looking at this in a narrow picture, I was simply asking are we prepared just in case massive amounts of people come needing Jadicell once EUA filed and approved and you said yes, TSOI and you are prepared so you answered the question and all good, I live with the mentality in life, better to be safe than sorry.
Also I sort of have myself thinking nowadays. So I’m sure that you doing your awesome Pr trick whenever your ready and getting that share price back to .1 is how you are getting the funding needed for clinical trials, 15 million dollars as you have stated, I have also had it in my head that the EUA filing and approval is a way for TSOI to get the needed funding for everything TSOI is working on and more also so I have viewed the EUA filing and Approval As playing an important role in the funding to excel this company and all its science in all the different areas, atleast until Jadicell phase 3 clinical trials are complete and bringing in revenue for the company, just my thoughts.
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