Getting The Word Out On The Street

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Getting The Word Out On The Street

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Hey there,
I chatted with my Chiropractor about Quadramune and while interested, she has approved vendors on a list and would have had to study your material to be able to recommend you be on her list for the company.

1. Have you considered entering a booth at a Chiropractor Convention? ... conference

2. Have you considered generating a Podcast/Webcast summarizing or explaining the science behind your products...not for a layman? I envision a walk thru of your "Are you Coviddimmune?" content with additional depth reviewing reference material(s) and foundational data generated as a means of bringing a Chiro or NP up to speed on the topic. 2 hour length. Maybe counts as CE credit under Alternative Medicine or Immunology or Oncology depending on content? Emphasis on Concussion mechanics or Anti-viral inflammation benefits?
Example: ... iropractic

Just thought I'd throw that out there for consideration...
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