Don't be discouraged

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Don't be discouraged

Post by TimGDixon »

Hey everybody - i know it was a tough day but we held up pretty good overall - nothing has changed except the radar screen of trading - you know what you own - own it! You have to know i'm your greatest cheerleader - i'm cheering you on to stay long and strong - don't let them catch you off guard with silly programmed trades - gonna trade, trade live - of course i know there are exceptions but you know what i'm getting at.

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Re: Don't be discouraged

Post by Codycrusher »

I am not and will not get discouraged, but Tim, 1 thing from today that has put me a little on edge and I would really appreciate an honest answer, so you said dilution is in the books, I understand you need funding, I am pretty sure if you try to sell restricted shares heap loads of investors will fund the company and buy restricted but the point of what I am getting at it this. Dilution will hurt the share price tremendously, we could possibly see a .1 price now down to .01 if you dilute the company, it would be a big hurt, I would really appreciate if you cleared my head on all this dilution stuff and helped me see more clearly, I need to know about this because it’s a worrysome subject, Thankyou.
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Re: Don't be discouraged

Post by TimGDixon »

No disrespect Codycrusher but dilution is a fact of life - how do you think you got your shares? They came from the TSOI treasury originally and that diluted the founders, so how far do you want to go back? You need to relax and if all of that makes you nervous then maybe TSOI isn't right for you right now. We are doing cutting edge things and it all costs money and that has to come from somewhere. No CEO likes to sell shares but it is a fact of life so just accept it - no one is tanking your position or anyone elses by raising capital - that investment is meant to enhance your position - it dilutes me too, remember that.

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Re: Don't be discouraged

Post by TimGDixon »

I want to touch on this one more time - i spent considerable time writing a post here that explained plainly what our options are and what our needs are and i suspect if you search my posts you will find it - here's the point friends - most of you weren't here when i had to raise money at sub-penny - if you think thats easy then maybe you should give it a try -and had we not done it we wouldn't be here. We are working hard so we can fund all of our projects ourselves. That could be by selling stiff stock, it could be from selling off a piece of technology, it could come from a partnership/technology transfer and be non-dilutive or even grants. If i need to raise $1,000,000 today thats 10,000,000 at FMV. 10,000,000 shares coming into the market 6mos or longer from now being dropped into a bucket holding 2.2billion is like adding one more suitcase to the Queen Mary.

We have many big projects ahead of us. I am trying to get to Mexico right now and treat 10 patients - who among you will write the check? We are waiting to hear back on our CTE IND - we need to fund that - would one of you like to write that check? Of course the answer is no.

We got you all this far do you think we are out of steam? Out of ideas? I see a notepad on my desk in front of me with the basis for another 35 or 40 patents to be filed - should i say, well the shareholders don't want me raising money so i better just let em sit

Dilution is thrown around like a dirty thing - if i could self fund all these things from my own bank acct all my stuff would be in my private co and i would hog it all. Dilution allows others to participate - the key is how you do it and at what cost and when and thats all it is but to pretend is isn't a function of public co growth it does a disservice to everyone.

Thank you to all who keep the faith - LONG - STRONG - TSOI - until the wheels fall off and burn.

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Re: Don't be discouraged

Post by rrao11 »

No worries Tim and thank you for your response!

Most of us understand that u need to raise funds to conduct ur experiments and trials! We won’t get disturbed by the short term day to day market moves and we support you in ur efforts! We are here for the long term growth! I remember the last time u raised funds was at app. 0.002 with Triton, at app. 50% premium. We stayed at the at that pps for a considerable amount of time and eventually set a new base at around 0.006. We stayed there for a very long time - that was painful. but once u completed all the work u had raised the funds to do, we ran to the teens. And now, I feel like we are setting a new base to springboard off of into higher levels of work, followed by higher levels of pps.

My point is, most of us know that u raising funds early on, brought us here - just look at the recent pps moves and PRs! So, we understand and support the need for new ‘fund raising activities’ to take us to new levels. When u get ready to do so, let us know and there may be a few/some/many of us who may want to participate.

Thanks for all your hard work, congratulations on your recent achievements, and looking forward to the next set of accomplishments that further advances the science and brand name of $TSOI.


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Re: Don't be discouraged

Post by trader32176 »

No prob Tim,

It takes a lot of dough,
to run a Bi-O :D

I've been in several sub penny stocks @ the start , and they all had to get funding from somewhere

Keep those new immunotherapies coming . You are building quite a portfolio of IPs , and the payoff for shareholders should be quite substantial in the future :mrgreen:


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Re: Don't be discouraged

Post by strawpatch »

As always Tim, really appreciate your complete openness regarding all things TSOI.

Don't lose that notepad! :D
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Re: Don't be discouraged

Post by Jamesy »

Well, I better make sure that I have spare cash sitting in my account so that I'm able to pick up some diluted/cheaper shares! Additionally, TSOI has revenue streams, especially with their products now being available on Amazon and RangeMe. I could be wrong, but I would think that some of that profit will be allocated toward trials, and further funding their research.
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Re: Don't be discouraged

Post by fxandres »

Great Tim! And well said I’m sure we all respect your truthfulness and honesty. I will always be there and been there when TSOI was less than 0.1 Your doing a phenomenal job and we all appreciate it. Plus I’m sure is purchasing more shares will possibly help accumulate funds for TSOI I mean Me personally I look at it like that. So I keep purchasing shares so you guys can use any funds necessary.

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25.00 😳 lets Goooooo

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Re: Don't be discouraged

Post by Paul »

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