ProJuvenol where it all began

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ProJuvenol where it all began

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I thought i would take you guys back to where it all began - ProJuvenol. We don't talk much about this but this an extremely powerful synergistic blend. My first invention that launched every pterostilbene patent i've filed since, i think more than 20.

Augmentation of oncology immunotherapies by pterostilbene containing compositions
Inventor: Timothy G. Dixon, Gerry B. Berg, Robert F. Graham, Santosh Kesari, Thomas Ichim

Compositions and methods useful to enhancing, improving, or eliciting anti-tumor immune responses are disclosed. A pterostilbene containing composition is administered to a cancer patient at a sufficient concentration and frequency to induce de-repression of tumor targeting immune responses. The composition enhances antibody dependent cellular toxicity (ADCC) and augments efficacy of antigen specific immunotherapeutics such as trastuzumab and other monoclonal antibody therapies useful for treating cancer.

Here's an original video I made - i'm not very good at that stuff but its great to look back where we were and where we are... personally i'm pretty blown away at our achievements.

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