Another IHUB Lie

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Another IHUB Lie

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Heres another scum sucker spreading lies and bullshit - no one gets free trading shares unless they are cleared via an S-1,3,8 whatever - what idiots - agripunk doesn't own a single share of TSOI and he can't prove he does... "these little docs" - which little docs? Dr. Marincola who was the head oof Infectious Diseases at NIH for 20 years or Dr. Kesari who chairs neurotherapeutics for John Wayne/St. John Providence?

No shares are "given" away - anyone at TSOI who receives shares has earned them - try and argue with the IRS on that little fact. That reminds me - i just earned some.

agribusiness72 Monday, 10/05/20 11:10:38 AM
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Only officers of the company need to file or large percentage holders. These little docs don't need to file and the shares given to them for "services rendered" are not restricted. Keep an eye on outstanding share amount. Dilution continues as more shares are given away.
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