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First time poster, Yesterday morning QuadraMune was ranked #173,000 on Amazons Health and Household products list
less than 36 hours later it is ranked #75,391 with only 14 units left in stock. Congratulations....I was wondering how much
product was shipped and how quickly more can be delivered to them.
This is Great news and as a shareholder I'm thrilled for you and myself. I'm sure this infusion of money will help fund the
continued research and trials that are ongoing and hopefully raise the share price as well. Congratulations
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Re: Amazon

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Nice and desirable post by Subslover on the ihub:
Let me just add one very important factor. Quadramune alone is worth a King's Ransom. The word is out and I would not be a bit surprised if a Major Vitamin company with a major distribution network outlet makes an offer to buy out Quadramune and the patent. IMO that is very possible as sales of vitamins have skyrocketed since the pandemic started. Now imagine the cash TSOI would have should that happen? Not only will they be able to fund all their FDA trials but also by back the stock. TSOI $10.00? This can happen in my opinion.
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